Rough Days…

Hi Everybody!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July! I know I did, for the most part. Over the past three days I have spent over 32 hours of my time attempting to contact potential sponsors. I can truly say that I didn’t think it would be this difficult and time consuming. But I can assure you all that I am very driven and won’t give up on this.

So far on this journey, I have heard people say they would donate, but that it may not be much.  I just want to say that every little bit counts and every contribution puts me closer to my goal. I appreciate the encouragement I have received so far, it helps get me through days like these.

Currently I am really frustrated. I am thankful for the promise of future labor but I am in fact stuck. Before I am able to continue I must acquire my materials…

I am excited to see the view/hit tally on my website increase drastically over the course of the day. But at the same time I try and imagine… What if every person whose come my site donated $10? The Answer? I would be at my goal.

Like I said earlier, every little bit counts. Thank you all again for the encouragement. It really does help me get through these rough days.

I’ll blog again soon,



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  1. Hang in there NerdGirl! Your project is awesome and the cause is noble. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will reach your goal in no time!

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