Busy Busy Bee

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had as good a week as I did! There has been much excitement the past few days as I get closer to having my materials and starting to hammer my first nails.

Thank you to my amazing and generous sponsors – I am so appreciative and humbled by your generosity. NerdGirlHomes is closer to its financial goal! (Check out the thermometer I added to the website)

Slakey Brothers (Santa Cruz) donated a stainless steel Kohler sink! Thanks, you guys! I just had to take pictures with it and they are on my website.

Additionally, NerdGirlHomes is making friends with Chris Rossi (Rossi Electric- Philadelphia, PA). Chris ordered and donated a shower for the LUSBY and it’s on the way – thanks so much, Chris!

I’ve received financial support from organizations and individuals locally, in the SF Bay and as far away as Alaska, Philly and Indiana – the support for my project is overwhelming.

I have been researching trailer pricing. I must say US 101 Trailers and Trailers Plus have both caught my eye (very good customer service by the way).

I’m hoping to start a relationship with a local bank and have had one meeting so far. I’ve got a couple more lined up with different institutions and we’ll see where I end up doing business. I’m finding that most people take a 16 year old seriously, but not everyone…and it’s even more outside-the-box for a girl to be building a house. I’m looking for that banker that “gets it” and is excited about NerdGirlHomes and its prospects for the future as a sustainable non-profit.

Yesterday I received an email from the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce. It appears they want to meet with me! I’m working to schedule that next week.

If you can tell I am very excited and busy and my thoughts are all over the place.

One last note:

I am looking for a fiscal agent until my 501c3 paperwork is approved. So if you know any non-profits that would be interested please send them my way!

Stay Tuned,



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