Meet Victor!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working really hard on fundraising and am nearly done with the house! The only things I have left to order are the appliances. View the remaining materials list HERE.

Also, about a week ago I had a guest from San Diego come and help me with the house.  Everybody meet Victor! Victor is twelve and sent me an email after finding my website. He said he was inspired and wanted to help. So, Victor and his mom helped me finish the porch railings, the porch posts, and trim for the lofts. It was great to meet both of them and hear about Victor’s fascination with floor plans and Knex (like me). It was a treat to teach Victor about the proper use of power tools and to show him that anyone can learn to build a house if they really want to. We even did a finger count at the end of the day and he had all ten! Thanks again for coming up Victor! Check out more pictures of our work day on flickr:



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  1. This is so cool! I remember you telling us in July that someone was coming to help you. Love the pictures! It looks like Victor had a good time.

  2. That’s too cool! Thanks for sharing and glad you were able to get help while helping someone get started with a little dream too. You rock!

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