95% Complete

Hi Everyone!

We are making some serious progress together! The bathroom sink came yesterday! And the faucet and fridge are on their way (last I checked they were leaving Indiana). The lower bedroom/ reading nook is nearly complete, along with electrical and plumbing. I added in some lower storage pockets and finished up the walls and ceiling (with a recessed book shelf on the way). Please check out the flickr page for new photos – my doxie, Templeton is helping to show off the storage space.

Flickr Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83940974@N03/ (will appear in a new tab)

I still need your help with donations and I’ve updated the thermometer. The tiny house is 95% of the way complete with only 700-800 dollars to go! So close, only 5% more to go! Again, thank you so much for the support! I can’t wait to see who ends up with the tiny house! (I will be working to find furnishings and deserving owners upon completion of the home).

IMG_3746       IMG_3734


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  1. Pamela Smith-Noel

    I have been following you and sent you pennies.
    Are you giving this house away, as I missed that..
    I have wished that someone at Habitat would buy into the idea of a Tiny House Habitat house.
    Short story, lost my home due to brain cancer and have lived dependently with daughters. Want my own home. I follow Tiny Home info, saw one in D.C. that pulled up in my neighborhood park!!!

    Let me know if thre is a way to apply.I thought you were building this for yourself!!!!

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