Let the Challenge Begin!

Hi Everyone!

First of all happy belated Fourth of July!
I’ve been approached by a very generous donor and given a priceless opportunity. Patricia and John Walsh have charitably offered to match the funds I raise within the next five days – up to $500!! Patricia was one of my first donors and has been a positive supporter from the first day. The tiny house is 97% complete with only a little more to go! The last major piece I need is a boat heater with a custom pipe and a few odds and ends.

The challenge is officially starting……now! Please help today, this is a priceless opportunity for us. We’re so close! Again, thank you so much for the support and thank you Patricia and John Walsh for believing in me.

I really look forward to seeing who ends up with the tiny house! I’m starting to work on creating a nomination/deserving recipient application.


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  1. Hi Kendall, I’m not sure if this is a two-fer, a three-fer or a What Fer? Here’s the story: I jumped on Cal Train the other day, without a ticket. I assumed I could buy one on the train, and even if it were to cost a bit more for the convenience it was worth it to me because my taxi dropped me off at the station at the exact moment the train arrived and my wait time was 0 seconds. I literally stepped out of the taxi…walked twenty feet… and onto the train.

    The conductor came by to take my ticket and I said I’d like to buy one. He said, “Wait one minute.” I thought he was going to go get a form or something, or take care of the real ticket holders, or disappear for the rest of the journey. He came back…one minute later…and handed me a brochure. I read while he patiently waited. “Cal Train is a Proof-of-Payment system. Tickets must be purchase and/or tagged before boarding the train. Tickets are not sold on the train…passengers who do not have a valid ticket are subject to citation and fine.”

    Citation? Fine? Not fine. He held up four fingers. I said, “Four dollars?” He shook his head. “Forty?” He shook his head. “Four hundred dollars!?” He nodded.

    Then he said, “Tell ya what…” (This is usually a good sign.) He continued, “…when you get off the train buy a ticket. That puts you square with CalTrain. Then you have until August 1 to donate $50 to the Salvation Army. I won’t know if you did it or not. It’s your karma at stake.” I promised I would.

    After some bowing and scraping and thanking…and relief!…I repeated back, “Salvation Army, got it.” He said, “It doesn’t have to be the Salvation Army. Just a charity of some sort.” My first thought was Soroptimist. (even though my PayPal donation says ‘Free Motion Photographs’ you can consider it a donation from Soroptimist). He assured me any charity would clear my karmic debt.

    So today I am about to go online to donate $50 to Soroptimist, when I remembered the Walsh’s donor matching challenge. I was so relieved to discover I had made the deadline!

    So that’s why it is a two-fer…my donation was matched. AND a three-fer…my karmic debt was paid. And that is the end of my story. But, not yours. You have a long way to go and many stories to write.

    All the best to you,

    Lori K Oliver Soroptimist Int’l of Carmel Bay (1994-2013) Soroptimist Int’l of Palm Desert (since July 2013)

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