Full Circle

Hi Everyone!
I got an interesting email from Mr. Meany Pants the other day and want to share it with you. It feels like everything is coming full circle.  For those of you who may not remember Mr. Meany Pants, take a few minutes and watch my TED video below before reading further. I really appreciate him taking the time to write to me.


When you came to see me and ask for advice I could not see how a young sixteen year old had the guts to accomplish the project you outlined. My vision was a young “girl” overestimating her desires. All I could see for you was a busy schedule of school, sports, boys, and a social life. Well I have to admit, I totally underestimated you and your abilities. For that misconception I apologize.

I have followed your progress through your website and read every update with interest. I even watched the videos. Did I really say, you may cut off your finger? I don’t know what I would have said if you were a “boy”. If I did I must also apologize for making a sexist statement like that. Congratulations on completing your Tiny House.

Now you’re headed to Dartmouth. Wow, how exciting. I’ve been through that beautiful campus several times. I know you will do well there. Have a wonderful time and wishing you the best.

Mr. Meanypants.


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  1. Congratulations on a job well done! I wish you all the best life offers.

  2. BIG “high 5”!!

  3. Now you have the profound and personal proof that you were able to change the state of Meany Pants by continuing to move forward. Pocket that proof. It will come in handy when you run into Ms. Meany Pants, Professor Meany Pants, and all the other Meany Pants types who walk among us. Angels walk among us, as well. You are proof of that.

  4. Very cool letter! Have a fantastic time at Dartmouth. And you made the volleyball team!! Congrats! You are going to have such an awesome time. I will keep your mom company as often as I can. Trying to convince her that Nicole could move in after you head off to school but she hasn’t quite bought into that idea. Enjoy, enjoy these next four years!

  5. Hi Kendall, So great to see that Mr. Meany Pants came around! Let me know what you’re up to at Dartmouth. So proud of you, and so grateful that I got to photograph you and the Tiny House! Did you take it to college with you? Hugs, Michelle Manos

  6. Grateful for the Naysayers!

    Everyone needs a “Mr. Meany Pants” in their life to fuel them towards that “I’m gonna do it or die trying” goal! I have found that I do things BETTER when folks tell me that I “cant” do it! I so MUCH appreciate the naysayers in my life, for it is because of them that I’ve had the success that I’ve had!

    Mr. Meany Pants, YOU are a blessing! God Bless you!

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