I Have An Idea!

I Have An Idea!

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The Phrase “I have an idea!” has always made my parents a little nervous. They never know what to expect since my ideas are sometimes kind of crazy. But, no matter the size of my dreams, my parents have always encouraged me to write my ideas down on paper.

Early on, my parents sat me down and asked me what some of my goals were in life. My answer? I had no clue.  My parents told me to dream as big as my imagination allowed and to put those dreams somewhere that I would see them every day. I thought it silly at first but I have come to realize that my parents were, but of course, correct. Ever since I wrote my dreams down years ago, they have been coming true. Today, that small piece of graph paper remains on my wall in my room.

No matter the extremity of a goal or dream, I always recorded it. Looking back, I laugh at some of my ideas but some of them have already become a reality! I hope this book provides you with a safe place to record your dreams.

I have an idea, and I bet you do too! Enjoy! (Click image/link at top)


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